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Vind modul tonuri cu aranjor Gem, model WK2,cu sempler si procesor .

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Vind modul tonuri cu aranjor Gem, model WK2,cu sempler si procesor voce,cu hard disk 100 giga si flopy disk incorporat,foarte bun pentru acordeonisti dar poate fi folosit si pe instrumente cu claviatura (orgi ,sintetizatoare controlere). Technical Specifications WK2module Display : Large multi-function coloured backlit LCD display. Control buttons : 4 cursor, enter, escape, dial, + / – buttons . 2 independent numeric keypads (style/song - sound). 2 (16 + 16) direct access sections (Direct Sound Memory, Direct Style Memory). Modes : 3 real time sections (lower, upper 2, upper 1). Sounds : 444 PCM sounds including 17 drumkits. Polyphony : up to 32 notes. Split : programmable split. Edit : track edit (up to 16 tracks), on/off, volume, reverb/chorus send, transpose, octave, detune, pan, volume pedal, damper, pitch bend/modulation, pitch bend range. Digital Effects : 22 reverb types + 22 chorus types (modulation/delay/echo). Harmony : 8 harmony types. Sustain : general sustain (lower, upper 2, upper 1). Demo : automatic demonstration (8 demo songs). Automatic Styles : 96 styles x 4 variations (drum, bass, acc 1, acc 2, acc 3). Arranger : arrange on/off, arrange memory, lower memory, bass to lowest, 4 chord recognition modes (one finger, fingered 1, fingered 2, free style). Sequencer controls : start/stop, intro, ending, fill in /tap tempo, key start/continue, fade in/out, play/stop, record, clear, tempo. General controls : volume slider, transpose, tuning, metronome, touch sensitivity, style/tempo lock. Pitch bend/Modulation: trackball - programmable bender controller (+ /– 12 semitones), Modulation. Single Touch Play : 10 settings of lower, upper 2, upper 1 combinations for 96 Styles (960 settings total). Performance : 63 performances of programmable panel settings (RAM), Store Performance. Pads : 4 programmable pads. Sequencer : 7 song style, 7 user song, 8 user style (16 track player). 5 tracks for recording (lower, upper 2, upper 1, pads, chord) for song style. Disk : load, save, delete, format, utility. direct from disk, play all songs, pre-load. total compatibility with GMX, WK3, PK7, CD, MIDI FILE+Lyrics formats. Hard Disk Sub-divided into partitions (virtual floppy disks), load, save, delete, format, utility. direct from disk, play all songs, pre-load. Sampling/Vocal Processor : digital sampling (mic/line) with edit possibility (record, sample). Optional harmonizer : processor for microphone input (voice signal) for harmonising effects. Karaoke : karaoke function on external monitor (pal/ntsc). Computer : computer port (pc1, pc2, mac) Midi : 16 MIDI channels (programmable), common, chord, 16 tracks local on/off, external clock, general midi on/off, midi start/stop, channel lock, dump. Auxiliary jacks: 2 headphones, damper, programmable pedal, volume pedal, computer, midi in/out/thru, right/mono - left audio outputs, video out (RGB / S-VHS). Amplification : 15 W + 15 W, 2 way, 4 speakers. Dimensions : 1100 mm x 150 mm x 390 mm (length x height x depth). Weight : 14 Kg. Supplied accessories : owner’s manual, 1 floppy disk containing the operating system, 1 demonstration disk, music stand, power cord, RGB/SCART video cable, warranty certificate, list of Generalmusic distributors. Optional accessories : Vocal Processor (mic/line input + 2 gain) for sampling and Harmonizer function, volume pedal, single footswitch, multi-footswitch, metal stand, carrying bag.


Set tonuri italiene profesionale acordeon

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Vand set tonuri profesionale “a mano” italiene pentru acordeon . “A mano” este clasa superioara de tonuri cu lama si rama speciala, nit cu capul in forma de stea si se utilizeaza la acordeonele de top produse in Italia. Setul este pentru un acordeon cu 41 note si patru scaune la mana dreapta deci 164 buc.Setul este basson + flaut + clarinet + piccolo . Pret 1.600 ron . Tel : 0771 730 334 , email : reacor@gmail.com


Chitara Clasica ieftina model "Aria"

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Fabricata in Germania A fost folosita aproximativ 1 an pentru cat am luat lectii dar m-am lasat. Nu am husa pentru ea. Predare personala in Timisoara


Procesor efecte Pandora stomp

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Vand procesor de efecte pandora stomp are cam 300 efecte ce se pot modifica din laptop/calculator procesorul e dotat ci cu ritmuri de tobe(metronom) si cu acordor.


Vind chitara

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